New ‘Outsmart Insomnia’ System Review

Advertorial – Bedtime prayers of insomniacs finally answered

Researchers Discover the Brain’s ‘Sleep Center’ and How to Trigger it to Get to Sleep in 15 Minutes or Less

Neuroscientists have discovered the nerves in the brain that enable insomniacs to get to sleep faster, for longer and deeper – a discovery the pharmaceuticals industry would want to suppress.

cant sleep Insomnia is keeping the nation awake at epidemic levels!

It’s estimated that 10% of the population now suffers from sleepless nights. This is causing a tide of lethargy, irritability and health problems from lack of sleep to sweep across the country. In fact, up to a third of adults now get less than the recommended eight hours a night.

While this is bad news for the nation’s health, it’s a bonanza for the pharmaceuticals industry. With doctors happily prescribing sleeping pills like candy, sales of narcoleptic medication rocketed 23% between 2006 and 2010 to a huge $2 billion a year. A recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that over 4% of adults now take pills to sleep at night.

Clearly, with so much money to be made, the last thing the pharmaceuticals industry wants is for a long-term cure for insomnia to be discovered.

A cure that enables people to sleep without popping pills but instead naturally adjusting their brain patterns from wakefulness to tiredness then sleep.

The bad news for the pharmaceuticals industry is that such a cure may have been found…

The treatment for insomnia has been wrong for DECADES

A team of neuroscientists at Oxford University, England, have announced a groundbreaking discovery that suggest the way we’ve treated insomnia has been wrong for decades.

Doctors used to believe that insomnia was due to a psychological problem or a side effect of diseases, like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. The advice was always to avoid caffeine late at night, to exercise during the day and to adopt good sleep hygiene habits.

Well, the results of the recent study into how the brain works at night time has shown that these tactics were completely wrong. Why? Because they didn’t address what’s happening in the brain that’s keeping you awake.

Instead of stress, medication or ‘bad energy’, insomnia is a result of too much activity in the wrong part of the brain.

Discovery of brain’s ‘sleep switch’

The team of researchers at Oxford University were able to identify the parts of the brain responsible for sleep and the parts that kept you awake. These are now known as the ‘sleep center’ and the ‘wake center’.

Their findings have been backed up by another research team at the University of Pittsburgh. Their study had found that the brain has a ‘sleep switch’, and was published in the peer reviewed journal ‘Disease Models’ in 2012.

What both teams discovered is that the ‘sleep center’ is where all the neural activity takes place in the brain. More importantly, it was found that the real reason people suffer from insomnia is because they are unable to SWITCH OFF the neurons in their ‘wake center’  and to SWITCH ON those in their ‘sleep center’.

It follows that if you want to get your mind to relax so you can sleep quicker, for longer and more deeply all you need to do is activate the neurons in your sleep center part of your brain.

But how can this be done?

the real cure for insomnia

How insomnia nearly killed one man

Sam Oakes was just one of the millions of chronic insomniacs in today’s over stressed world. Except in Sam’s case, his insomnia wasn’t just making him tired and irritable but almost cost him his life.

His first near death experience came from an accidental sleeping pill overdose and the second from near heart failure after nearly a year of sleepless nights.

With a young family to care for, Sam was desperate to find a solution.

He tried everything, from self help courses to natural remedies to all manner of supplements and alternative cures.

But NOTHING worked!

Sam was desperate. He was beginning to wonder whether he may ACTUALLY DIE before getting a full night’s sleep.

When he thought his hopes were lost, Sam found out about a seminar being held by a sleep specialist called Ryan Harmon on a new remedy for insomnia.

With nothing to lose, Sam decided to attend. And boy was he glad, because he made a discovery that changed his entire life.

a sleep disorder could be keeping you awake

Chronic insomniacs now sleep in 15 MINUTES or less

Ryan Harmon had found out about the recent discoveries made by the research teams at Oxford University and the University of Pittsburgh.

He’d built on the research with his own studies to develop a system that naturally slows down their brain’s wake center while triggering the nerves in the sleep center. This in turn helps people to sleep naturally, without the use of drugs.

Knowing that the pharmaceuticals industry would do everything it could to keep the brain’s sleep center a secret, Harmon felt he had no choice but to spread awareness of his system himself.

He called it ‘Outsmart Insomnia’.

How Outsmart Insomnia Words

His system (comprising of both mental and physical exercises) enables people to relax their mind and body so they can naturally get to sleep in 15 minutes or less.

Better yet, even people who’ve suffered from chronic insomnia for years are able to use his system to sleep for the WHOLE NIGHT without waking. They also reach the ‘level three’ deep sleep that’s vital for the mind and body to recuperate.

Getting more sleep each night has already helped thousands of users of Harmon’s system to gain improvements in all areas of their life. This includes having more energy, being more alert at work, less irritable, more relaxed, less stressed and anxious and feeling happier all round.

Some have even lost weight from the improvements in their overall mental and physical wellbeing from consistently getting eight or more hours of sleep every single night.

The video the pharmaceuticals industry doesn’t want you to watch

Sam has created a video in which he tells you the full story of how Harmon’s system has enabled him to finally rid his life of chronic insomnia. He explains how it’s given him a set of mental exercises (similar to a combination of yoga and meditation) he can use whenever he needs to sleep.

Spending hours of tossing and turning every night are a distant memory. His health has improved dramatically and he no longer has to worry about an early death after breaking free from insomnia’s chains.

Remember, the discovery of the brain’s ‘sleep center’ and the switch that enables you to sleep naturally in 15 minutes or less has the potential to END the bonanza in sleeping pills sales. So the big pharmaceuticals companies likely have a team of lawyers battling to get Sam’s video taken down right this minute.

So watch it while it’s still up and share this article with any other insomniacs you know who are desperate to get more hours of uninterrupted deep sleep each night and fewer bottles of sleeping pills by their bed.

Outsmart Insomnia

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