sleeping young man near to smartphone

Top 5 Best Insomnia Busting Sleep Apps that Help You Get to Sleep at Night

There are few things as frustrating as when you can’t sleep at night. Getting 8 hours of shut eye is vital for your brain and body to tune out and shut down, restoring your physical health and cementing your memories in place.

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brainwaves entrainment

Can Brainwaves Entrainment Help Me Get to Sleep?

Every night, millions of people all over the world find themselves lying awake desperate for that miracle cure that can help to relax their mind so they can drift off to sleep naturally and healthily. There are all sorts of

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natural remedies when you cant sleep

Top 5 Natural Insomnia Remedies that Help You Sleep Better

When you’re dealing with insomnia it’s tempting to take the easy root and reach for the sleeping pills. But you should always be wary of the side effects of sleeping pills, which includes feeling dopey the next day and, even worse,

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Young woman lying in bed reading a tablet computer

What 13 Famous and Successful People Do to Sleep Better at Night

A good night’s sleep is vital if you want to be energized and mentally alert the next day. For this reason, I often wonder what bedtime routines successful people have that helps them get the sleep they need. I have always

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try hypnotherapy if you cant sleep

Can Hypnotherapy Help if You Can’t Sleep?

Many people with insomnia rely on sleeping aids and pills just to sleep better. But another experiment that has surfaced that can make you sleep soundly at night is a more natural form of treatment – hypnotherapy. This medicinal form

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What is apnea sleep disorder

What is Apnea Sleep Disorder?

SLEEP apnea is a common disorder in which you experience one or more pauses or reductions in breathing or shallow breaths during sleep. These breathing pauses usually last between 8 to 15 seconds, sometimes longer, and can happen more than

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juice if cant sleep

Juice Your Way to a Good Night’s Sleep

Tart Cherry Juice has shown some potential to be the most delightful way in aiding your sleepless nights if you can’t sleep. This recent discovery was presented at the Experimental Biology 2014 Annual Meeting by a group of researchers from

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is anxiety stopping you from sleeping

Are There Psychological Changes that Can Help Me Sleep Better?

Another night spent tossing and turning in bed? Before you start losing hope, know that you are not alone. You might not know it, but every night there are plenty of other people begging the universe to ‘help me sleep!’

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Jawbone Up24 sleep tracker

Jawbone UP24 Review – The Smart Way to Track your Sleep

  Do you know that less than half of Americans get the recommended seven of sleep a night? A very alarming number considering the impact it can have your concentration, health and even your weight. A lack of sleep has also

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sleeping healthily is important for your mind and body

Help Me Sleep! – What Are The Health Risks of Not Getting Enough Sleep?

It’s often said that you need 8 hours of sleep every night. The truth is, different people need different amounts of sleep. You could be getting 8 hours of sleep every night but still feel sluggish in the morning, leaving

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